When the NASCAR on Fox portion of the season ended earlier this month, a lot of people asked, “What will you do with your free time?”

With a full-time job, that requires constant travel, AND an infant daughter, I think I speak for all moms (of any/all vocations everywhere) when I say, “What Free Time?!”

Don’t get me wrong…the workload, for me, this part of the year is different. But it is certainly not extinct.

So, as a reminder to some…perhaps, an explanation to others…I’m still traveling nearly ever week. Some weekends, I actually travel even more than I did the first half of the year. Two weeks ago, I had the double: 2 series in 2 different states.

But, this week, while the rest of the NASCAR world enjoyed one of the most coveted stops on the NASCAR schedule, I savored my first off-weekend since Easter.
So, no wine for me…and no whine either!

My little girl and I have been taking walks…playing games…turning up the music…and, most importantly, leaving the suitcase in the closet!

Where can you see me when this mini stay-cation is over? Some weekends, I’ll be on Raceday. Nearly every weekend, you’ll find me hosting the pre-race show for
The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series broadcasts on Fox Sports One.
(And you will not find a group that has more fun “making TV” than our Truck crew!)

So…no off-season for me, just yet. Better check again in December!

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